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Anna & Łukasz | Miętowe Wzgórza

A professional dancer and a man madly in love with her. It could be a duet of the main characters of a great romance, but unfortunately I do not have such a light pen to treat you with a love story in written form. I will show you one day in the life of this couple. So far, I think, one of the most important in their lives. My participation in the events of that day began in the hotel, where Łukasz was getting ready to meet his bride. Later, I looked into their tiny apartment, where Ania, with her retinue, was finishing the last details, and then I witnessed a ceremony filled with love in the church of St. Andrzej Bobola at Rakowiecka Street in Warsaw.

The party took place in Miętowe Wzgórza, a distance from Warsaw by .... hundreds of cars stuck in a traffic jam on national road seven. Nevertheless, it was filled to the brim with beautiful events, emotions, thrills and fantastic dance.

Just take a look. It is only a bit of what is beautiful in their lives.


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